First Recommendations

Ready to join the libre software community? Here’s some awesome software you can use to work and play in freedom—and it’s all gratis to boot!

VLC logo

VLC media player

Play, convert, stream and capture media with VLC media player. It can even do some basic video editing.

Libreoffice logo


An office suite complete with a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, vector graphics editor, and database management program.

GIMP logo


Create, retouch, convert and edit pictures with the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

F-Droid logo


Get the F-Droid app store for access to hundreds of libre apps for Android. Have an iPhone? Get your money back! Apple products take a bite out of your freedom.

trisquel logo


Ready to take the leap? You’ll have access to thousands of apps on a 100% libre system like Trisquel. Get help with installation online or from your local GNU user group.